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The Hugo Reckerth Gmbh group plays an important role on the international scene and the acquisition in 2012 of RPM Tecnologie makes it possible to expand the market and ensure better management of customer relations throughout the production process. The group is completed by BEST Gmbh, a company that deals with the design and manufacture of high precision clamping systems of high manufacturing quality.


The main strategic aspect of the union between RPM Tecnologie and Reckerth Gmbh is the convergence of two experiences of high technological level that today can offer a design and operational ability on "special projects" and the possibility to submit to the market a series of "products in the catalog" that allow to significantly reduce procurement times through the dimensional or functional adaptation of existing models.
One of the main characteristics of our reality is the ability to think of the winning solution through the philosophy of "quality in detail" applied to every aspect of our work. In the field of suppliers of components, especially mechanical parts, we have developed important partnerships with companies of absolute excellence at the national level, which in turn fully share our objectives.


RPM Tecnologie, in order to meet the recent requests coming from the Chinese market, has recently signed a commercial agreement with a company from Shanghai that has been operating in the machine tool sector for several years. This will allow us to respond quickly and effectively to all requests from Chinese customers.

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